Dog Sweaters – Fun and Fashionable

Why clothes?: Animals especially dogs wear clothing for many reasons. The main reasons of course being to beat the winter chill as well as to be the cutest, most fashionable dog in the neighborhood. Clothes are a wonder way to show of your doggies best features, personality as well as keeping him or her warm. A mix of fashion and practicality. What on earth is cuter than a Chihuahua with a diamond necklace and pink dog sweater? Dressing dogs to be in-tune with the latest fashion crazes it growing more and more in popularity.

Dressed for the occasion: Occasion and event dressing is very in now for example dressing your little friend in green and red for Christmas or Red and White for Valentines day. Clothes can also be used as insulation after grooming sessions where the protective layer of pelt is washed, clipped or shaven or after surgery or medication that caused hair loss. The clothing will help the hair grow back much quicker. In intense warm weather conditions a light shirt is excellent protection from harmful UV rays. Clothing can act as an barrier where the dog has a skin condition to reduce tampering and scratching the area.

Sweater should be suitable: When choosing a sweater for your dog, make sure that it is suitable for the animals size and breed. A too big or small outfit can cause the animal immense distress and discomfort. Do not force a Chow into a Boston Terrier clothing item. It should be fun for both owner and dog to wear clothing, not a burden.

Gender consideration: Remember to consider your dogs’ gender when buying clothes. Just as male and female bodies differ so do those of bitches and male dogs. Under exposure of the stomach area for a male and over expose for female will cause discomfort, irritability and often a plain mess.

Do-it-yourself: Making clothing for your dog is quick and easy by using the internet as endless source of patterns and ideas. You can decide either to sew or knit the items. If you decide on sewing Fleece will be the best material as it’s warm, stretchy and easy wearing. Should you choose to knit instead, invest in quality wool with good stretch properties and at least US size 19 needles.

Get use to: Wearing clothing does not come natural to any animal including dogs. It will take some time getting use to the feeling of an extra layer of skin in either fleece or wool. Start dress training from as early as ages two to four months. In certain countries and regions animals have no choice but to get use to boots and sweaters as the weather conditions don’t allow over cooling. Over cooling and temperature exposure is a total no-no and a least a couple of dog sweaters, coats and boots must form part of the wardrobe.

Availability: Animal clothing is available from specialty stores, modern pet shops as well as online. The fussiest of clients either being owner or pet has an endless list of beautiful and tasteful outfits to choose from.

Designer dog: Famous designers have expanded their ranges to now include haut couture for both animal and owner, especially Dog Sweaters [] are very popular among the jet set of Hollywood. However you don’t have to be a millionaire to have a well dressed pup with Dog Clothing [] Thrift or old sweaters and socks can be turned into wonderful creations for your little friend. No need for needling expertise or tricks.

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